Dr. Suse Broyde
Professor of Biology
Affiliate Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn

Email: broyde_AT_nyu.edu
Tel. (212)998-8231
Fax. (212)995-4015

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Research Interests

The research of our group is focused on damage to DNA caused by environmental chemicals such as those present in automobile exhaust, tobacco smoke, and barbecued foods, as well as lesions produced endogenously and exogenously by reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.

According to our current understanding, cancer is initiated by their attack on DNA. Once the DNA is damaged, the lesion may be repaired, or it may survive to replication where it may cause mutations that initiate the carcinogenic process. Our work is focused on gaining molecular, dynamic and thermodynamic understanding of the repair process and the mutational process. We utilize state-of-the-art molecular modeling, molecular dynamics and quantum mechanical simulations to delineate the molecular processes that govern mutagenesis and repair, and investigate large macromolecular systems involving protein-DNA complexes. Prof. Yingkai Zhang (NYU Chemistry) is a key collaborator in aspects of this work.

In our endeavor to elucidate the structure-function relationships that lead DNA lesions to initiate cancer, we collaborate closely with Prof. Nicholas Geacintov (NYU Chemistry), whose experimental studies provide key functional anchors for our structural determinations. Investigations in the laboratory of Prof. David Scicchitano (NYU Biology) have also provided experimental linchpins.

Research Team and Facilities

Our interdisciplinary laboratory, with members whose backgrounds have included biology, chemistry and physics, is outfitted with supercomputers and a large cluster of workstations, providing a state-of-the-art environment in computational structural biology. Our work is supported by NIH and computational resources are also provided by NSF.

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